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(+91) 9810563335

Max - A Well Known Tattoos Artist in Delhi NCR

About Max


Born on 30th June,1981 , Max has always been bent over the creative side. As long as he can recall he has created the art. He was deeply inclined towards drawings and paintings since childhood. People always went up to him and told him that he would be a great designer in the future. Well, here he is finally making his dreams and the dreams of all the people who had faith in him come true.


He got really inspired by numerous tattoo shows like Miami Ink, etc. One of his friends Lokesh was a major booster along with some foreign artists. Seeing someone inking, he always felt that this is where he belongs and could see himself doing that forever. Inking gives him an unexplainable happiness.


He started tattooing almost three years back in 2008. You guys must be wondering why so late. Here is how it goes. By qualifications, he is an MBA. Worked with American Express and other leading Financial Institutions for the earlier part of his life & gave this all up for the love of this form of Art.


Style of Working


Since he started tattooing three years back, there was no looking back for him and it has been the best journey till now. Being the crazy and witty he is, his choice of work also reflects all of this.


He loves doing the black & grey tattoos which are close to reality. He prefers to use the blend of Old school and new school style of tattooing. It is also famous by the name of street art of tattooing. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t like coloured tattoos, he enjoys doing coloured tattoos equally. He is of a belief that a tattoo is connected to the soul of the person getting it and holds a very important place in their lives.


He loves giving the people a memory of a lifetime by inking them. He loves any and every kind of work. Just come along to share this amazing experience with Max.

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