(+91) 9810563335

(+91) 9810563335


Max!! You are the best. You have given me memories to last a lifetime. But I am not quite done yet.....!!!!


 Max is one of the greatest tattooist of India. He reocks! And because of him, I love my tattoos!

Shivangi Sahni

As per me, max is a passionate tatto artist. he would do a tatto to you, if he himself feels its a correct design to you. He hasnot bribed me, but honestly saying, he is not after money. He would charge towards his genuine work and his love for the tattoo... Way to go bro.. Cheers!!


Max is a great artists... I love all the tattoos made by him till date and looking forward for more tattoos. He is best tattoo artist and wish you good luck for further...


 I was delighted with my tatoo! Max is a true artist, with craft and precision - and a nice guy to boot! He made the whole experience a pleasure and I look forward to going back again. I can't recommend him highly enough! Breda Burke-Richards, Paris, June 14th, 2011.

Mme Burke-Richards, Breda

 Walking in the prsencee of giants here. Cool thinking all around!


"A Beautiful Person makes Beautiful Tattoos" Max's works simply represents his passion and love towards ink. He understands what you want and how can he present in a tattoo. I got my tattoo from him.. so proud and love it!! Great artist and A great Friend...! keep rocking Peaco!


well.. its been almost 2 yrs to my tattoo but seems like few days back story when i used 2 eat max's head 2 sketch smthn different 4 me. as i wanted a fabulous and different tattoo.. hahaa.. and the outcome of tht brain eating was soooo amazing tht till date people ask me whr i got my tat done from.. more than 200 likes on fb.. My tattoo is one of max's best worx.. love u max 4 d fab work.. can't describe more in words how awesome is ur work!! U ROCK MAX!!


 A tattoo is a memory engraved on our body forver! And my special memory was made by the most special person "max" and such is his fine art of making tattos that u can never leave him or the tattoos he make... Special and unforgettable memory!! :-) keep up the gud work


 hi max, army is liking ur tattoos. awesome man. tk cr buddy

Capt. Sunny

This is my first tattoo... Max did a great job.. Its something I always wanted... Thanks Max.. :-)

Shailender Singh

Max is the man wid magical hands..!


max sir is the greatest artist in india ,,n i m too happy to work wid him ..

Jasmer Sandhu

I got my first tattoo done by MAX.. He is an amazing artist..!!! I was very excited as it was my first tattoo and still I am because it alwayas appears to be new to me..!! Thanks "Max" for this wondersul memory..!!! :) :)

Komal Panwar

Got my tattoo after a really long wait. And what a tattoo it is... I am in love with it. And all thanks should go to Magical Max, the guy who designed and executed it. Exquisite detailing, awesome shades and for good measure a little colour thrown in... in short magnificent artwork. Guys, he is an artist and an amazing human being. Didn't let me feel any pain at all... Thanks Maxx for making a huge dream come true. You have given me something that will cherish all my life. I owe you big time...



Max has been instrumental in helping me in getting a perfect tattoo. What's good about him is he is not just good in his art but takes gr8 care in educating the client over all the things related with the tattoo work. Looking forward for my next tattoo from you Max, cheers man.

Vaibhav Chauhan

To be honest and blunt, that's the alusbote best thing you can do. If this guy does some truly sick work, and tells you to get in the chair and let him have at it, chances are you're in good hands. If this cat has a waiting list, hold out for the work. That's a surefire sign it's worth waiting for. If you bring an idea to this artist and he can whip something out with a sharpie wherever you're wanting it, go for it. I have tattooed over half my life and the pieces that are the best are the ones that people give me an idea and let me go to town on. I have done sleeves like that, and never have had a negative response. By doing this, you accomplish two things. One, you're ensuring you are walking out of the shop with a one of a kind piece, and two, you are showing the artist you trust his judgement to give you what you are wanting. Get in the chair, what are you waiting for?


I am coming back for my next Big tattoo. Thanks. This is a beautiful experience. Thanks again for making it so wonderful.


This was my first tatoo. So had a great experience. Satisfied with your work. I appreciate it.

Vipul Arora

This was my first tattoo. I am feeling very good right now. And its also paining right now, but i want to say one thing,that whenever I see my tattoo I seriously feel very good.

Viren Kumar Paharia

It was a great experience. First I was little bit afraid of this. But now happy and fully satisfied with tatoo. thanks to MAX

Chinu Dangi

 To be honest , Shit outa scared at first place but when you started with inkin it, went great. Enjoyed getting the tattoo & the company. Thanks will "C" you soon :) GETTING INKED AGAIN keep up the great work !!!


 An amazing experience & much more than what I had expected..!!


Awesome work & A cute sweet tattoo....! :)


 Awesome experience. Loved it and would love to get more. lots of love.


It was a great experience, and i want to come back and get another tattoo soon. thank you.

Ashish Premwani