Refund Policy

FEES & PAYMENTS: The Fee for class can be paid by credit card or by cash or by internet transfer at the time of registration.

There are 2 options for how a Fee is paid for:

#1 A Non-refundable Registration fee for booking a Slot (at a minimum) is due upon registration with the commitment to pay the “final payment” as the session draws near. Then the rest of the payment is due before a due date specified for that session. We do send out reminders by a specified date as well.

#2 Full Payment* can be made upon registration and if this is chosen then there is nothing to be done.

Either way, upon registration, you will receive a semi-personal email notifying you that your registration has been processed, the dates of the class and any payments that are expected.

*Fees once paid, is neither refundable nor adjustable under any circumstances, whatsoever. Late payment of fees due (if any) would make the student liable to pay a fine of Rs.100/- (Rupees Hundred Only) per day to be counted from the due date of such payment. You might also be stopped from attending the classes in case of such a default. The Proprietor holds the discretion to allow such late payment under reasonably explained circumstances. Written permission would be required to be taken for that purpose personally only from the Proprietor.

In case you take permission for installment payment of fees, you will be allowed to attend classes only for one month. If the fees is not paid on the due date, the validity of the classes will lapse on such date and the security guards at the class room will not allow you to enter the class, unless you have obtained a prior permission from the proprietor in that regard.

The Institute offers no discounts in the fees and therefore the students are requested not to insist upon it at all. We don’t listen to any recommendations by anyone.

The Institute shall not be responsible/liable in any manner for non-performance of the contract if it becomes unable to perform due to any FORCE MAJEURE EVENT ( earthquake, epidemic, endemic, pandemic, flood, etc.,).

CANCELLATION & REFUNDS: All classes have a “non-refundable” fee attached to the cost of the class whether only the registration fee is paid for or the full payment is made at the time of registration.

  • Full Course cancellations 2 weeks prior to orientation week will receive a 100% refund minus the non-refundable registration fee or can be moved to the next session.
  • Full Course Cancellations within 2 weeks after classes begin will receive half of the tuition back as a refund or may have the option to roll that class fee forward to the next session, unless you have obtained a prior permission from the proprietor in that regard.
  • Full Course Cancellations after the first 2 weeks of class, require that that class fee is forfeited. An appeal/Permission can be made to the Proprietor to consider moving the class fee to the next session and this will be considered depending on the circumstances.

FEES & PAYMENTS: The Fee for Tattoo can be paid by credit card or by cash or by internet transfer at the time of registration.

For booking an appointment a non-refundable deposit is required to make an appointment.

The price of a tattoo will depend on the artist who you will choose and the piece, however our shop minimum is 2000 for a tattoo. If you would like a price quote, we recommend booking a free consultation with the artist of your choice to discuss style, size and placement.

For cancelling an appointment, you have to give a 48-hour notice, we can reschedule and transfer your deposit to your new appointment but the fee is nonrefundable. However, if you contact the Studio after the 48 hour window or fail to show up for your appointment, you will forfeit your deposit.

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