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why inkinn?

If you think tattoos are more than just ink, then you have already got our attention. For us, tattoos are a part of an individual, a beautiful accessory & story engraved on body. At Inkinn, we aim to accentuate your love for tattoos by showing you the beauty it holds & teaching the mastery required.

Our artists start by teaching you the basic drawing skill sharpening methods before moving onto ink & needles. If you have steady hands in drawing or if you are an artist already, then welcome to the club! We also help you develop your communication skills so that you can proactively suggest ideas or easily grasp what your customer is really looking for.

But being a tattoo artist means you not only have to take care about keeping your hand steady, but also handling skin with care, using safe ink & needles, prescribing correct aftercare, what style would suit the customer etc. Keeping safety of artists & customers in mind, we use vegan & organic ink, sterilized needles & high quality machines. We uncover the tattoo techniques for cover-up tattoos, colored tattoos, calligraphy, portrait, etc. and train you to gain absolute proficiency.

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Details Beginner Intermediate Advanced Apprenticeship
Duration 1 Year 6 Months 3 Months 45 Days
Eligibility Individuals with no prior knowledge of tattoo or art Individuals with decent knowledge of art & aesthetics Individuals proficient with art & are skilling in drawing Tattoo Artists
Cost Rs. 4.50 lacs Rs. 2.50 lacs Rs. 1.50 lacs Rs. 0.35 lacs

Course Inclusions

Drawing & Digital Art
The Art and Science of Figure & Non-Figure Drawings
Exploring Texture, 3D Elements, Lights and Shade
Perspective & Composition
Color Theory
Introduction to Various Art Forms
Identifying Your Art Form
Fundamentals of Digital Art
Intensive Drawing & Sketching Practice
Tattoo Oriented Custom Art Form Training
Tattoo Art & Training
History of Tattoo Art
Introduction to Tattoo Equipment
Hygiene & Safety Training
Learn Creating Precise & Detailed Tattoo Stencil
Lining & Shading Techniques
Tattoo Practice on Synthetic Skin
Tattoo on Real Skin
Studio Management & Business Skills
Client Handling
Studio Management
Marketing Strategies
Social Media Management
Team Work & People Management
Other Requirements for Opening a Tattoo Studio

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Our artists have an experience of more than 10 years in the world of tattooing and know various techniques & tattoo types that have arrived as the world evolved. They have also learned the technique closely from ancient tribes to know the routes of tattooing in India. They have excellence in Calligraphy, portraits, minimalist tattoos, custom made tattoos, geometric/ religious tattoos, etc.

What Our Students Say

  • Jasmer
    I started working with Max in 2010, and learnt a lot from him. I found his behaviour friendly and have always been inspired by his optimistic attitude. He had been more like a friend to me than a teacher. He taught me people management, public dealings and most importantly- the technique to get the best result out of a tattoo. I had joined to learn & work for a while before moving onto my career path but with time we developed a relationship like brothers, and worked at Inkinn till 2017. Max is more like an extended family to me now. Jasmer
  • Testimonial
    I hail from Nepal and I am a professional contemporary artist. With the thought of getting inked in the memory of my father, I designed a tattoo & was looking for a good tattoo artist, when I came across Inkinn Tattoo Studio and fixed an appointment with Max. I was amazed by his work and fascinated with the art of tattooing at the same time, so I got myself enrolled as a trainee under his guidance. In only 1 year of time, I learned everything about tattoo art, culture, techniques & much more. And now it's been 5 years of my professional career as a tattoo artist with Inkinn family! Amit Arjel
  • Testimonial
    I have been tattooing since 2012 in Lucknow, and came to Delhi to learn it comprehensively. I was looking for a studio with tattoo training programs, but most of them didn’t offer the value for money. I came across Inkinn Tattoo Studio & met Max, who became the best mentor that anyone could have. He believes in teaching students who are passionate about art & have real interest in tattooing. That’s how I got myself enrolled & started my training. First few days in Delhi were difficult in finding a place to call home. When Max learned about it he welcomed me in his home till I found a place. Max has been like an elder brother to me, who taught me everything about tattooing from scratch. I remember how Max influenced me to spend time in making realistic sketches for months before moving onto ink & needles. Now I understand the value it holds since sketching is the core of tattooing. I learned a lot more than I imagined including client handling, tattoo consulting, studio management etc.
    It’s been 4 years since I moved back to Lucknow, but I still look up to Max for tips & reviews on my work. For me, he is undoubtedly the best mentor one can have. Dhruv Singh
  • Testimonial
    Learning tattooing at Inkinn has been an amazing experience. The moment I came in to talk to Max I got a positive feeling about him, and with the initial conversation I knew that he'd push me to do my best. Amit, Alfred, Sam and Nitin were also incredibly welcoming and open with their advice. It's a lot of hard work and practice to get to the stage of tattooing others, but the end result is extremely rewarding. Being able to give people a piece of art that lasts forever is an amazing privilege that I am glad to have learnt from Inkinn. Tushar Nath
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